This blog helps in cherishing your life through motivational shorts (1). In today’s era we remain low most of the time. Depression and Anxiety are added in some form in every human traits. And there is a statistics that people reading self help books are free of emotional imbalance or able to handle the imbalance smoothly. While self help books are the saviour, we try to cascade the benefits in the form of blog. What we read is what we become. If you surround yourself with positive minded people you will be positive no matter how hard your life gets hit.

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We feed thoughts and insights to keep you motivated.

Most of the blog posts we read these days are the long ones which speak with lot of histories and prefaces before getting to the point. But that is not followed in this blog. You don’t have to spend minutes in reading them, they are written short and crisp to speak to the point. This is also the reason for Twitter to be popular among productive individuals. And we are already on twitter with a rapid growing community (Checkout here).

Empatheticalmind spreads positivity to keep you positive.

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If it is not for motivation, you can reach out the poetic (2) crafts written to nurture life and nature. It speaks the heart of humans. Nowhere it carries negativity to spread. It just focuses on imagination and creativity with constructive criticism.

Imagination reminds us of fiction. We have fictions (3) covered which can help your time to be spent fruitfully.

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