Building/Rebuilding a Habit needs Hard Start/Restart

Habit: A behaviour when repeated becomes a routine unconsciously, it could be good or bad.

Scenario 1: Once youtube suggested a video of “Scott Kelly struggling to walk on Earth” uploaded on 2016. Walk – An act we have been doing since our 1st birthday, may be. What would make someone tough to walk? And Scott Kelly was around 50 years old i guess when this video was taken. He was physically fit, he was good at walking and he used to walk till his 49. But what made him to struggle so much?

Phrase from Wiki “In November 2012, Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko were selected for a year-long mission to the ISS. Their year in space began with the launch of Soyuz TMA-16M on March 27, 2015, and they remained on the station for Expeditions 43, 44, 45, and 46. The mission ended on March 1, 2016, with the departure of Soyuz TMA-18M from the station.”

Yes, he is an astronaut and he was in Space for almost a year, 340 days to be exact. He was floating throughout the year in space. A normal act of human, walking, was a struggle for him since he did not walk for a year. BTW it is not actually “Forgetting to Walk”, it is about moving against gravity (I wont get much into scientific reasons). In Space he was moving effortlessly. Muscles don’t have to work against gravity to move. On earth we need to spend some energy in making ourselves move and this has been a habit which we fail to recognize as a habit to itself. In space you dont have to spend much energy to move yourself (but not during spacewalks i guess). There is no gravity, there is no pull from any of the directions. Back to earth when gravity pulls down, we might need some help initially to balance ourselves. It needs some repetitions and mindset to accept the challenge. After few days of trial, he was back to normal.

Scenario 2: Sometimes we fail to recognise a habit since our body does effortlessly. Waking up 5am everyday happens effortlessly if it is already a habit. For few, waking up at 8am is a habit. Your body has adapted to your behaviours and both type of people wake up without needing an alarm. Lets say a person waking up at 8 am wishes to wake up at 5 am. His own bed and mind will be against his wish. Mind is always in love with SNOOZE, with eyes closed you know where to reach Snooze button, sometimes to turn off alarm (may be most of the time). It is really hard to break a pattern. People believe they need minimum hours of sleep everyday. Well yes, but forget that intuition on the days you are trying to wake up early. Sleeping at 1am and waking up at 5am is ofcourse challenging on a normal day. But same gets done easily on the day of your long planned vacation or morning interviews.

There are two cases of habits playing the role in above scenarios:

  1. Habit being broken due to circumstances and it needs to recreated.
  2. A New Habit to be built from scratch.

Never underestimate these cases. It might seem easy to rebuild the habit you had stopped following but that is not the case. Say you go to gym continuously for a month and it is already a pattern in your day. What if you get ill a day and advised not to workout for 3 days. On 4th day you may not be able to workout the same way you were 4 days earlier. Your mind objects to lift weight, so does your body. You have to set up your mind strong enough to rebounce and get back to track.

It is all about preparing your mind to accept the pain you are about to face and not thinking about comfort during the course. Never hear yourself say “I know this habit is bad but still I will continue. I know i have to wake up early but still I will not”. Mind always favour comfort, but success hates comfort. To be successful you need to design habits of your everyday life. Rethink what you do everyday, assess your habits and adjust the patterns.

All it takes is the mindset.

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