Shopping Cart Study – Self Awareness

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An experiment was conducted on babies to study the development of self awareness about a problem that was put in front of them. A Toy shopping cart had a towel attached to the base of the cart and towel was spread little so that babies were made to stand on it. Mothers were told to encourage their babies to move the cart forward.

When a 14 months old baby was made to stand on towel, it clinged to the cart pushing it hard. The baby understood the cart had wheels but still it was not able to move forward. Without leaving the position from towel, it kept pulling and pushing without realizing the issue. After few tries, frustration and anger compensated the efforts. Frustration made them climb the cart, push the cart violent and do some crazy stuffs. Baby does not know frustation cannot move the cart, but it kept trying in every wrong way but failed every time.

Shopping Cart study - self awareness

When an 18 months old baby was put into same situation, it initially tried to push. After few tries, baby understood there is some issue and moved to front and did a 360 degree analysis. Reaching back to the towel, it tried to push the cart again by standing on towel. Realizing the issue with towel attached to cart and baby was standing on the towel, it stepped out and pushed the cart, making it move towards the mother. Another 18 months old baby rolled the towel and clipped it to the base of cart and started pushing the cart. Almost all the babies of 18 months successfully made it in moving the cart.

Shopping Cart study - self awareness

Every human face a situation where they find themselves not progressing further or face a problem which looks impossible to solve. They struggle, try every possible way like 14 month old baby trying to push forward without understanding the reason they are held at same position. Frustration takes over, scream and cry low when no one is around. With time and maturity, we start to understand every problem has a solution. You just have to analyze, research, experiment, be patient, think deep and narrow down – Solution comes handy.

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