Why am i not progressing in life?

In this procrastination era every human wants to achieve more than they are currently capable of. Most of us are not happy with what we already have. You hate your job, feel low about your skills, dislike your plump body, loathe when you wake up late. How long do you actually stay in that mentality? Every New year invites same resolutions repeated with additions. What effort does it take to have a resolution? Just few seconds of thoughts to please your mind. We all acknowledge our problems but we still live with it.

You hate your work but live upon for years doing same. You know your BMI is overshot but friends dont fat shame you, still you feel you should have control on junks. A person who used to climb three storeys easily in college days, goes for a meet one year after his graduation and struggles to move beyond two, “I have to workout” he sighs in distress and repeats the same in next meet. We know we must gym, avoid junks, wake up early, etc, but still we dont do it.

Why are we not progressing if we already want a change? Because we do not know how it would feel if we made an effort. What does it feel like after you lose 5kgs? You only have an imaginary view of yourself with reduced fat but you have not physically experienced it yet. Imagination motivates less than physical experience. Every source of motivation has its own level and working tenure. After watching an inspiring movie, i was motivated for just one night. Next day i was back to normal boring life. Completing a book kept me motivated for a week. Imagination can motivate only for few minutes. It differs with people but the order is almost same and you should know your long source of motivation.

Any change should start with a motive. To sustain the motivation, you must start to experience the taste of effort and execution. As when you complete Day 1, your effort amplifies your desire which will help for Day 2 execution and this has to be done in a loop. Never think of the end result, plan the goal in phases as execution begins with planning. If you are not ready to plan, it is likely you will withdraw from your course at some point or it would take more time than anticipated.

  1. Motivation (Mind)
  2. Plan the phases (Intellect)
  3. Execute the phases (Intellect + Mind)
  4. Go to step 1

As Brian Tracy says in “Eat that Frog”, you have to put the pressure on yourself. You cannot just wait for things to get worse. Once my friend iterated a quote, “Rich people say making 1 million is tough but making 1 billion is easy”. There is always a threshold that has to be crossed to sustain and most of the time we remain low. If you start execution but then decide to delay or excuse, you are resetting back your efforts. Execution is the toughest part, every force on you resist the change and try to reset your position. You have to push hard to cross the threshold, until then you have to play around with Mind, to keep you motivated, and Intellect, to execute as planned. Once the motivation and execution crosses threshold, your body is in sync with brain and things gets registered as a habit.

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