Growth Mindset from birth

Humans have evolved as an existence of growth mindset. Agriculture, Civilization and Technology are some of the zones of direct improvements due to growth mindsets.

A baby born gets it’s brain inherited from acenstors and parents. I strongly believe nature has designed to have growth mindset since our birth. If that baby has a fixed mindset, do you think it would take its first step? Bicyles would have remained un-invented and there would be no locomotion when we did not take effort in walking. Baby knows to start with a “boo, ba” if it should speak else all humans would have remained speechless. At age of 3 or 4 when a baby decides to ride a bicycle, it is always a struggle to make the first pedal. With little help and support from parents and few falls, cycling gets mastered easily. Baby is not aware of mindset at first place, It just knows to try. Every experience is new to a Baby. Inbuilt working of brain is to observe and improve its learning process. It is always a miracle on how a baby learns mother tongue without any ebooks or video tutorials but just listening to Papa and Mama. A matured adult watches tons of videos but still struggles to learn a new language. Why is it so a baby learns in a year with less effort than adults? While there could be biological reasons, I believe the role of community is important in lot of our doings. When I say I want to learn a new asian language, first suggestion I get from my community is to befriend an asian. You need not have access to internet connected media to learn always, it could be a choice but a wiser option is to reach humans. When does one use a smartphone? When you don’t have people to converse live and you seek for another medium to be engaged. More the number of people around, less is the internet usage. And below statistics says its own level of social living in communities. Out of world total, 64% use internet with North America having 90% of its population using internet. Africa has the least % of internet users out of its total population, which affirms they still live in closer communities than rest of the world.

World RegionsPopulation
( 2021 Est.)
% of World
Internet Users
31 Dec 2020
World %
People using Internet
out of their population %
Africa1,373,486,51417.4 %590,296,16311.7 %43%
Asia4,327,333,82154.9 %2,707,088,12153.6 %63%
Europe835,817,91710.6 %728,321,91914.4 %87%
Latin America / Caribbean659,743,5228.4 %477,869,1389.4 %72%
Middle East265,587,6613.4 %188,132,1983.7 %71%
North America370,322,3934.7 %332,919,4956.6 %90%
Oceania / Australia43,473,7560.6 %29,284,6880.6 %67%
WORLD TOTAL7,875,765,584100.0 %5,053,911,722100.0 %64%

When people are near and actually speak to each other (that is very important), lot of informations get shared and registered. While a video would need to be revisited after few weeks to recollect, data from fellow humans take more time to extinguish. Growth happens only when different minds interact. Why does an Org has a developer and tester while a developer could still test? It is about perspectives and thoughts. Lockdown has limited people to people interactions but it has made to realize the importance of such interactions which should be easy to follow when we are back to normal.

Be safe and have a great day !

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