Why should you read?

What starts first? Reading or Speaking? A baby starts to speak even before it learns to read a language. A baby could say “Mama” in its 12th month, but if you write “Mama” and ask the baby to read, it would be the stupidest thing. Evolution is designed in such a way that speech and physical actions are easy to develop by looking at fellow humans but reading and writing is something to be learnt. This is because to read and write you should know the representation of the language. From alphabets to letters, human gets introduced to a language for communication.

Why should we learn to read or write when we already know to speak? In olden days when literacy rate was poor, people managed to communicate with others through speeches. Popular leaders from olden days are known for their speeches. But speech had one limitation of being present at the event when a leader is speaking. When there was no radio or media to transfer this speech to reach others, it became a necessity to travel across and repeat the speech to be heard. While this became hectic, it became important to reach larger audience without actually visiting them, which motivated to improve literacy. While literacy has nothing to do with knowledge, it became a necessity when speeches were limited to boundaries. What if a human had a great vision in mind but was not a good speaker? If they knew to write, they would have written lots of papers. But again if there was none to read, why would they write. While leaders became popular because of their speeches, there would have been more leaders if there were more writers and readers.

As literacy improved, it motivated to invent Printing Press which helped to print newspapers and send across. Before Radio was invented, newspaper was the only media to reach larger audience. But newspapers had to be limited to pages, which made creators also to limit the contents. As technology of Printing Press improved, books were started to be printed and sold across. This motivated creators to unlimit their creativity and push tons of thoughts. People who were not good speakers but had something to say to bring a change, started to write books and made them to reach the unheard.

Today we have many ways of accessing informations while the most used is visual communications. We are able to see many movies being made from books and novels. Why do creators do that? At one point of time they would have read that book which would have inspired them to make it reach bigger. You can take any such movie you like and try to read the same version of the book. You can compare the impact and you would feel the book had further details and connection than the movie (I am not trying to compare which is best, as the purpose of the movie is more than story telling with its own visual dimensions). Some take movies that happened in 19th century, how do they know all that? Because they were documented in readable form when cameras and image capturing was not possible. History has to be read first before it can be made watchable. Visual media help to reach a larger audience but most of the time the source is derived from reading. Also reading provokes the creativity of the reader more than watching the visuals. When we read, we understand the plot, imagine the character and enact them according to the story in our own way. Same story can have a character enacted in different ways to different readers. But in a movie we watch, we perceive what is enacted.

Books speak to the reader. Once you make book reading a habit, It will become like the author sitting next to you and reading for you. As I said in previous post, reading a book is like person conversing with you which registers more information than watching videos. I have seen people who started to read and came back with lot of wisdom, even I was a non-reader until 3 years ago. As J.K.Rowlind said “If you don’t like to read, you have not found the right book”.

Personally I feel Invention of books was the great leap to mankind. As a final note, I have always felt blogs are like smaller versions of book like shortfilms for feature films. Do read and share such blogs if it interests you (Share this post if you feel it could motivate someone to start reading). Lets spread and make reading a hobby.

Happy Reading and be safe.

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