Lockdown Sedentary Disease

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

I don’t want to talk again on Covid as people are already exhausted of listening and reading negative inflows. As we stay indoors it becomes necessary to have a check on our health everyday. Most of us work with laptops and desktops and it is essential to have some physical workout than just having our fingers exercised by typing and scrolling.

How to overcome this Sedentary Lifestyle? I try some techniques which I felt could be useful to you as well.

Install Ergo Apps

Install ergonomics apps in your worksystem if your IT team allow. These apps monitor your activities and notify to take short breaks, long breaks and even sometime with jokes as stress busters.

Have your kids around

You may feel as a disturbance having a kid around but I found having my niece around was actually relaxing me. She just plays on her own and when she gets locked or needs my attention she would just climb on my chair and I have no other choice to hold her. That is actually a nicer way to relax, to engage with a soul of innocence.

Have a pet

As I said before, our minds are controlling us. Sometimes having an app that alerts us are just dismissed and we carry on with our work. We need to have some strategy to divert us that cannot be ignored and I find having a live being around us is the best. Have your pets around and let them have their play. You know you have someone near and when they need your attention you will be pulled in their space.

Walkaround during meetings

Most of the time we are listeners in meetings. Transfer meetings to your mobile or Bluetooth headsets and walkaround while on call. This gives some body movements than attaching to a place. As you walk have some water and give a dance move (I actually do that 🙂 )

Have a b**t timer (Fictional)

I wish I had a timer under my b**t and have that timer to alarm and generate a shock whenever it ticks a threshold. Our minds are starting to ignore our symptoms. Unless we force ourselves to get out of our chairs and have some hot water, we remain stuck to the bottoms. I have faced scenarios when my body and eyes are drowsy but my mind still commands to work. Than we controlling our mind, our minds are controlling us, which is worsening in this indoor lockdowns.

Have your timeline of everday events under watch and correct them if you find a declining graph. While I follow these, I welcome your comments on what you do to divert your mind so that it could help others. Thanks for Reading 🙂

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