Oh My Life !

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

When was your last exciting moment?

Everytime a doctor saves a life, he rejoices his purpose. An engineer filing his first patent gives him immense joy. When I donated for an NGO to plant 500 saplings, it was like to re-live kind of moment. When I watched children (1.5yrs) around me iterating names of planets in a solar system, I was wondering, how could they remember so much when they haven’t started schooling. Excitement need not be only because of you doing something. It could be anyone you love doing something that makes you happy.

When was your last “Life Sucks” moment?

When you are pushed into a situation where nothing works out as you wanted it to work. When your daily routine lifestyle has same boring things repeated. You hate your moments in life just not because it feels low, it’s because you don’t have things to excite.

If you are 25 years old now, you have lived quarter of your life. There will be 3 more quarters to live. Should you spend rest of your life same as you are doing now, worrying about Life Suckers? If you are already happy with what you are and what you have, you are blessed and continue to be the same. But if you have been blaming your life for the happenings, you have to correct your self.

What can we do to excite ourselves everyday? Do something new. New can be anything that you do differently and you love doing it. You have been brushing your teeth with your right hand, use the left hand instead. That actually triggers your right brain. Right handers do it with left, start with a sentence per day. Have a visit to your terrace garden early in the morning. If it’s just a terrace, make it a garden then. Seed a plant, feed the pigeons, see them grow over a period of time. Make lively interaction with the world. Read books, you will know there is a different dimension to live life. My post “Why should you read” can you help you more on this.

We need to know the fact that nature control is out of our control. Today you might get informed about your friend’s father testing +ve for covid. Few minutes later you might get news of your another friend who had tested +ve last week, recovered and returned home. Moment that made you low a week back retraced back to joy. Same will happen a week later. You cannot blame or feel sorrow for something which is not in your possession, it is the play of nature. We have to accept if nature shows its face, be it good or bad. Live with hope, work on things that are in your control. Accept the emotions your mind shows to you. If you try to control, it will make you worse. If you cannot solve a problem, deviate from the problem. Life throws us into same situation as others. It is upto us to decide and design.

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