Humans – The Rays of Hope

Hope and Faith can save a life.

I was watching a video today on Nurses in brazil using latex gloves filled with warm water to wrap around the hands of Covid patients to mimic human touch. This makes it feel like there is always a human comforting them and it has actually improved their health. Some hospitals have started to provide virtual engagement of patients with their family members. They will be connected everyday in video calls to have casual talk other than Covid and negativity.

There was a press release by Indian government a week back on proning techniques to improve breathing comfort and oxygenation of the body. It is required only when oxygen level goes below 94 and it has proved to save many. I got hope about proning after I read news about a women (82 yrs old) who had recovered from Covid assisted by Proning techniques. She was assisted by her son which made her do on repeat, eventually beating the virus.

I work in Bangalore – India, where if we ever suffer from fever, we will be given a Paracetamol tablet. If we treat ourselves at home with the same tablet, it never recedes. But same if given by a doctor makes it well in a day. This I have faced personally and it’s the power of hope I get that a doctor has diagnosed and given it right. Same happened with my friend who got anxiety attack and was given a tablet. He ate that for a week and became normal. When enquired with doctor, it was just a vitamin tablet to make him feel tableted. It is our faith on doctors that make us feel better.

In all the recoveries I get to hear, I see there is some human helping them out, giving them hope and faith and supporting at their best. I feel the deaths are not just because of body failing to take in oxygen, but the loneliness with just a beeping health monitoring kit around, creating anxiety of the failing oxygen levels. People hear only about deaths and see others dying, which increases their anxiety leading to their loss. Help your dear ones by giving them moral support and love. Dont leave them to think alone, tell them you are there and they will be back normal soon. Prayers are to god and hopes are to humans. Share love and Seed Faith.

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      1. Well said. Love and support are important for good health and even speedy recovery. It’s called the placebo effect where our belief in the pill or figure in this case a doctor is stronger than the illness hence becoming well. We are an accumulation of our beliefs.

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