Skies Do Talk (Poem #3)

Photo by Soubhagya Maharana from Pexels

I never left my friend alone

We stayed together all the time

We never anticipated the future

That was our moral moto

What could we expect more

Other than our friendship to last

One day he died of leukaemia

Which was never anticipated

He never told about Leukaemia

Disease was to be blamed

As I look above today

He smiles through the sky as clouds

Everytime I feel alone and missed

I Imagine my lost friend

Look up the sky

Friend appears from nowhere

As clouds form the pattern

Reminds me of those words

Loss is for the body !

Life is for the soul !

And he lives among the clouds !

Words inspired from the incident I read today, Clouds forming the face of ex-footballer's daughter after she died of leukaemia.

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