We are waiting, U little Munchkin! (Poem #4)

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

She felt sure with
Instincts of your presence !
But Had to confirm
With a Kit to help !
I love maths
Especially those parallel lines !
I believed relativity more
When time ticked same
But we felt the long
Just to see the math in work !
Math tells Joy to take over.
Unlucky to freeze the time
But Lucky to freeze the Joy.
A Jump to the roof,
And dance to the mind.

You were never seen
But you were always felt.
As time travelled
You appeared slowly,
But again with a kit to help !
Every time it came to help,
You had grown well than before.
Tiny nose made us believe
You should be both of us !

Bump you made her to carry
Showed your presence to the world.
You got loved by everyone
From the very moment you germinated !
Its been 8 months now,
you are not revealed yet,
Because we live in India.
While others are busy guessing,
We dream of after-born moments
To hold you as a whole
Researching your minute feets,
hands, half opened eyes, buddy lips,
It is only YOU in our thoughts !
And we are waiting to be surprised
For you to be born,
The Little Cute Munchkin!

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