Love in Life Lane (Poem #5)

Every person you meet at
Is like the store you sight
As you walk down the life lane.
You enter the store of life,
Looking from outside
Reads OPEN to enter.
Or your friend visits
And you happen to be taken along.
Or it’s your addicted store
Making you relaxed with charm melody.

As long as you are inside,
you get carried away by the talks,
taste, ambience, giving you new memories.
Your action hopes store keeper
You will be visited often.
But then you decide to
leave the store forever,
Never make a come back.
But keeper tries to retain.

Glass of relationship covering the store
gets broken by you to exit.
Look at the glass you are leaving behind.
Breaking the glass makes it difficult to fix.
To you it is just the store
And you may find new along.
But to the keeper,
its the only store to fix and rebuild again.
It is never easy !
I wish you dont break it again,
If you find a new store in future !

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