The Glass – Lesson to learn

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

Every glass has two properties, some amount of light gets reflected and some are let in. Mirrors have zero transparency but glasses have more transparency, still reflection cannot be neglected. From one side, looking at the other side gets done easily but reading the reflection needs right focus ignoring the blend from other side.

So what does this tell to a human. Every problem we face is like a glass, giving two different sides to focus. What does this problem make me into? A self reflection, which needs a skillful view of the problem. Look at yourself and think on the benefits this problem can make you into, from the mind of positivity. You get blends from other side of the problem, the casualties it is capable of, but through focus and meditation, look at the reflection of yourself. The more you look at other side, more you get engaged on the negative effects of problem. If that makes you solve that problem, well go ahead. But most of the time it makes you worse. So just focus on the reflection, which can eventually motivate you in solving it. As you develop this art, you can feel every problem is tring to make you into an improved version of YOU.

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– Praveen TS

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  1. Wow, I’ve never thought about mirror and glass in this way. “other side of the problem, the casualties it is capable of”–that is insightful. In a complicated modern society with everything connected, it is essential to think in a more sophisticated way.

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