How to double the likes of WordPress posts (Sarcasm #7)

Dumbhead Ahead ! Have a safe read !

I happened to interact with a genius blogger who gave me tips on doubling the likes of my posts.

He recited, “I use WordPress App and I turned ON the Notification of Likes for my posts. Every Like Notification it showed in my mobile, released dopamine that I was addicted in watching it.

One day I was interacting with mail account linked to WordPress and we all know likes are notified to mails as well. I found there is always <=10 seconds delay between mail notification and app notification with mail reaching earlier. So I turned ON notification of Mail and App. Now for every like, I am getting two notifications and thats how I fooled my mind to accept the likes are double and made me release more dopamine “.

I got up from sleep, It was my clone advising me in dream, F*** ****** ********* ****** **** (Don’t count the stars, it’s just random).

6 thoughts on “How to double the likes of WordPress posts (Sarcasm #7)

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  1. 😅😄 i can’t believe I read this so intently with all my wit ignoring the opening warning. A good one though, listen more to your dreams, they’ll give you long life in dopamine

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