Truth About Lies

Life is made of happenings and incidents. Every day has a routine to be followed along with additional interaction on new relations we make. For past one week, my routine has been to wake up at 8, refresh and do some exercise till 9, have shower and finish breakfast, start work at 10, finish around 7 or 8, read some books till 9, watch TV, have dinner and sleep at 11. It has same chores repeated, except some interesting things that happen during working hours and reading books. These add new flavours, but others remain same everyday.

Rolling back to childhood, from the time of birth till we get to know about the surroundings, we never know what actually happened and existed. Do you remember the first word you spoke? The cries on not wanting to eat, first birthday cake failures? As we get to know about the surroundings, goods and bads, we start to lie out of fear.

Childhood Lies

Fear is the main contributing factor to lie as a child. Kids are afraid of getting punished. They faintly understand the process of creating a mishap but grim about the consequence after it occurs. I used to do all mischief but blame my cousin when asked. I never accepted something as I did if it was not right but I actually did. Recipients of lies at this stage are parents.

Teenage Lies

Fear still played a role during my teenage. But restrictions I faced from my parents was another reason I had to lie most of the time. When exams are near, I am supposed to study and not to bunk and go watch a movie. Going out of house after 10 PM or returning home late night was not to be spurred. Friends at this stage are known to abet other friends, hang out and want their life to be enjoyed. Sometimes my ego made me to lie. I never want to be potrayed as low scorer even if i score low. I tried to deceive my parents just to enjoy. Why should I tell the truth and get ribbed when I can live with a lie. Recipients of lies at this stage are again parents and rarely friends.

Adulthood Lies

Matured lies start to happen in adulthood. I never lied out of fear, restriction or ego (May be at times). I lied to make someone comfortable or not to get into discomforts. I never told my girlfriend about the headache I had on nights that lasted for a trice. Just said I am alright despite her finding out. A promise once made but had to be broken for a fortune, I had to lie. Lies lie within us until it gets exposed. But we dont lie about things that can be easily found right? Recipients of lies at this stage are everyone.

I heard an incident recently on a couple in their 50s, both affected with Covid. Husband did not make to recovery but Wife recovered in a week. She was not informed about her husband’s death since she had history of heart attacks. She was not discharged from the hospital as the rituals were done at home. She kept asking for the husband. She was told, He recovered and resting at home. This happened for a week and later she was informed about her husband. In a day, she died of heart attack. This made me broken, I felt this lie could have been prolonged which could have extended her life by a week or even longer. Husband’s death has to be revealed at one point, but setting her mind relieved from anxiety and panics would have saved her.

According to me, Lie is never a Lie if it can become true before the person finds out or if it can ease the sufferings. It depends on the person whom you are trying to convince. If your girlfriend, better not to lie because she would anyway find out. Telling the truth that gets judged right, can never be lied. Holding the lie with people we interact everyday will always lead to arguments, with lies and truths disappearing in the arguments.

Lie a Lie If it helps the Truth.
Don’t Lie a Lie if it helps the Lie.

Thanks for reading, Have a Great Sunday Eve, Stay Safe !

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