Free Riders of Corona Period

With Corona waves hitting shores of every country, some spent time without wearing a mask. Some use cloth masks, neck masks and mouth masks but still survive the pandemic without testing positive. How can this happen? It is because people around them wear it or they have inbuilt immunity to fight (Which is very rare). Those who don’t wear masks are the free riders. As long as the balance is maintained, they are helped by the people around them. The moment the balance shifts to non-maskers, the effect cannot be reversed easily. Now rules are enforced and people are made aware of wearing masks, with few still pretending to be mask wearers by not covering the nose.

Same happens with vaccination. People who get vaccinated develop herd immunity over time that people not vaccinated may not be infected since they get protected by their community. This can prevail as long the balance is maintained in future. Every pandemic or epidemic had vaccination phase to get immunized against the specific pathogens. Currently vaccines are available for adults, but kids are yet to be vaccinated. “What to expect” forum mentioned about this in its page “It’s crucial to get these vaccine studies done in children. In order to reach herd immunity — the point where enough people have achieved immunity to the COVID-19 vaccine to stop its spread — at least 70 to 80 percent of the entire population needs to be vaccinated. That means we absolutely have to include children”. We have to wait for the vaccines for children to be available to reach Pre-Pandemic level. Vaccines cannot be given to infants or people with allergic histories to vaccines or some other exceptional cases. If they have to be protected, Herd immunity is the only rescuer.

Just like Polio vaccines and Hepatitis vaccines, it might happen in future to have mandatory vaccine for Covid (PS: I am not foreteller or medicine expert, this post is just my opinion after reading chapter 2 of “Super Thinking” by Gabriel Weinberg / Lauren McCann).

Get vaccinated when it is your turn, Pre-Pandemic life is round the corner.

Thanks for Reading, Stay Safe !

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