What is Home Separation Anxiety and How to Overcome ?

With pandemic still going on rounds, we all have the dilemma of new normal. Companies announce permanent WFHs, 4day per week WFHs, 50% WFHs. But not every org tell this. I work in a product based company and I need to interact with hardwares most of the time. Unlike smartphone this is an embedded hardware not yet out in the market. It may not be feasible for people like me to work from home as the hardwares carry confidentiality terms. We cannot reveal a product yet to be available in the market. It might happen that we time-multiplex office visits once in a week or more, depending on the needs. As we are still anticipating our future, anxiety gets flavored once in a month meal.

What psychologists believe is, people have stayed home for long time that we have not been like this before. We have been adapted to the new habit of surrounded by family all the day. A caring better half, ever active kids, peace throwing shelters, safe reminding rooms, slow pacing works and fast pacing routines.

When things get back to normal and we happen to move out, we might become anxious about missing our family. We have felt home as the safest place for more than a year and now we move of safe zone. We believe we are safe outside but mind has accustomed to stay indoors and outdoors will take time to adjust. In places where normalcy is unfolding in phases, there is a reported surge in anxieties among working people.

How to overcome such anxiety? If you feel insecure in moving out even after people are vaccinated and restrictions are eased, you have to make up your mind to trust outer world is safer as being home. Have a look at the pedestrians and commuters from the balcony or main door. Just like people advice to watch nature everyday to relax your mind, watch normalcy in action. Avoid taking things that triggers anxiety. Even if you listen to such things, never take it to the mind. Visit stores nearby and interact with people, gain confidence from others. Slowly extend the hours you spend outside. Reach for farther places. Try going to office once a week. If you ever feel your emotion is not same as before, take along the photo of your family or the plant you have been growing to your office. That reminds of your home aura.

This is nothing to be worried about. We have to adapt to the changes. Nature has made us as a social creature. The laws are same and emotions are same. Work on your emotions, let’s get back to work.

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