Dreams – How are they related to thoughts?

Is there a life without dream? I mean the actual dream we get in sleep. We all get dreams. Every sleep has to have a dream in it. Dreamless nights can never happen. It is only that we dont remember a dream but they occur in every sleep. Yesterday night I had a dream of me playing cricket in my living room. It was me and my clone in the grease and some stranger doing the bowl. My clone was scoring singles. He scored single but it was still him batting again. All of a sudden the position changes with me batting. I just hit hard that the vision of my dream turned into a ground and ball went across the rope boundary.

I think dreams are just brain imagining things based on the memory it has. It just picks them in random order. They dont seem to be rational. But one thing I noticed between a dream and normal thought was, they have us in focus. Every dream had myself as the central player with vision happening from a cameraman following me or sometimes through my own eyes. Incidents in the dream always had me doing something illogical or people near me not making sense in their behaviors.

Some dreams does repeat:

  • I watch simply at others.
  • I get late to school and on exam days.
  • I prepare for a wrong exam till the last minute before the bell. (BTW I already completed by graduation and I am working now).
  • I struggle to run when chased by a stranger or a bull.

I debugged the dreams I remember and compared with the thoughts I had on that day.

These are my inference.
Thoughts were not influenced by the dream, but thoughts influenced the dream, not all the time. I used to have certain facts in mind, like pain of my wife’s pet dog I stepped on its leg, and it comes in my dream with limping leg. These were relatable, but sometimes dreams were from the facts that never existed in my thoughts. It was something I know about but not something which I never know at all. If you have never heard about Home Seperation Anxiety, you will never get a dream on that. Isolated facts gets you a dream with you doing the facts in a random sequence.

I was watching an interview of Scott Kelly, astronaut who spent almost a year continuing in space. He was asked about the difference in dreaming on earth and in space. In space, he dreamt mostly on floating in air and doing stuffs. On earth he never dreamt of floating in air. Ground was visible on earth dreams. So dream is a combination of what we are physically and what we imagine or think to be along with the isolated facts.

I am not a psychologist or dream finder but based on troubleshooting results of my dreams, I see dreams are based on the thoughts. When people tell you to have a dream, they indirectly say to have better thoughts to register in your memory. So have encouraging and elevating thoughts to dream about, control your thoughts and channel it the right way.

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