A Step back is never a set back

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Arrow has to be pulled back to move forward and hit hard.
Without backswing, golf balls can never be hit to travel far.
Steps have to be taken back to jump from a cliff to another.

Every goal has to be broken into stepping stones or stepping cliffs.
Stones are easy to jump if you are in the flow. If you don’t have the flow, you may not have enough room to stand on the stone which will reset the entire journey or make you let go.
If you know the flow is absent, break the goal into cliffs. You may have time to settle on a cliff, take a step back and jump forward to the next.

In my work life, I have an aim to patent a technology that will ease the life of drivers (I cannot reveal until it gets done). I break it down into parts that will take its own time to complete. Trying out new has this issue of not knowing when it will be done. Estimation is tough. You just have to progress. So in my patent example I first select the idea, look for the prior works on that idea, study their improvements, figure out the ways to make it applicable to my idea. I may have to stitch my knowledge to theirs and bring a new model, that can help achieve my idea.

In this process, till the goal is reached, I jump on each broken cliffs. During the course I might head in the wrong direction. I have to go back and select the right cliff. When I reach the destination, I would have learnt about the wrong cliffs more that the right ones. These setbacks will guide in the next goal I will make.

Life is about setting goals, working hard in achieving it, set the next goal and move on. You cannot settle dormant in any cliff or after achieving the goal. Progress should be continuous. If you see a delay in jumping from one step to another, it should be only because of learning and not because of idle stay.

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