What does a blog mean to me?

My blog is a library I own. Every book has me as an author except those two excellent poems by my friend @bharathibalan07, it might find new authors in future. Any can use this library and search for their book of interest. Even after my presence, it will carry my legacy. Every post is an experience. Every word is an outcome of serious thought process. It takes hours to write a post, debug for corrections but a week to filter the theme. At times thoughts get short-lived. It has to be written somewhere before it dies out. Draft column of my WordPress account knows better, tens of drafts live with different titles and they get published one by one.

So how it began?

1. Technical Start: I initially started with technical post. I was not fond of writing but I just wanted to make people aware of Tesla’s Auto Pilot which is not a full self-driving car. Driver presence is always required. So I gave a background on my first post about the classification of autonomous vehicles – “Levels of driving automation systems“. After that I made a post on Tesla’s Autopilot from feature perspective. It was so vast that I made as two posts – Part 1 and Part 2. After these three posts, I thought people should be able to guess why Tesla’s Auto Pilot is at level 2 of automation and made a post on that. After that I went off the topic to mathematics. All these were technicals that it needed time to write every post. I had to put equations, symbols, read tech stuffs but failed in making people understand.

2. Blogging does not go as planned. It throws light on everything people like to read. I happened to read Morning Miracle book, which made a change in my thinking. I was not spending effective times. I then had to streamline my routines and made days better spent. This made me write my first motivational post. If this motivation can make me transform, it should do for others. Motivation became my turf that I was doing it spontaneously without much effort. This made people read my posts with views and likes increasing slowly. When shared with friends, they appreciated these posts than the previous boring ones.

3. Though it went well, I was not able to keep my pace due to office chores. Once in two weeks a post was out. As it gained traction I thought I should increase this frequency. Effectively spending my SAVERS I learnt from Morning Miracle, I was able to publish 1 post per week and slowly it went to 2 posts.

4. As I started to interact with more fellow bloggers, I came to know there are different categories to try. Blog need not be single themed, It has to be relevant and interesting. So it pulled me into Poetry which had deep meanings than vocabulary. That was even well received. After few posts on Poems, I jumped on and off between motivation and poems.

5. On a quiet Sunday, I was looking at random blogs and I was pulled in by the mental stress people were facing due to Covid. It made me think about the feeds we are all fed. We never find time to laugh and relieve the stress. It made me write some sarcastic posts which was also well received by my fellow buddies, especially my stressed junior colleague. So currently my blog has Motivations, Poetry and Sarcasms as main focus, it might have more in future.

To every blogger out there, we are building a digital library to serve humanity. We should do great and reach more people. Let’s feed the world with motivation and positivity to make it a better place for readers.

Finally, Thanks to every follower of my blog. You guys made me reach 100+ today. It means a lot and motivates me in blogging more.

Now I feel additionally responsible in making my posts better than before. I have to work more on my vocabulary and stuffs to have better posts in coming days. I cannot believe I have already made 18,690 words this year spread across 54 posts, well enough to write a book in future may be. Way to explore. Keep blogging fellow humans, may the force be with us !

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