What keeps you alive?

Are You Alive?

I move I see I am Alive.

I am a doctor I have to check.

What should you?

Heart pulse and Blood Pressure.

I am alive because of that.

What does heart do?

Pumps blood all over body.

Why should that do?

To keep me alive.

Do you know how hard it is to pump pressure at normal 120mmHg by a fist size organ?


If there is no closure, every pump from heart will flush blood to 2 meters. Think about that for 60 – 80 times per minute.

That seems to be huge effort.

How do you help in return. Physical exercise?


You live at the luxury of your working heart. You only breath to keep the oxygen flow. Other than that you do nothing. Have some humanity, cardianity.

PS: Cardianity is not a word. 2 meters analogy is only from my mind and not a fact. This post should have been made on The Heart Day, but seeing the COVID surge and recommendations from doctors, this is becoming a necessity. Time to add physical activities to our routines.

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