Swing and The Tree (Poem #14)

In an open play ground, there existed a rope tied to the branch of one of the tree. A Kid living nearby, saw the tree and rope, got a tire with her and tied to the rope. Everyday she would spend some time swinging high and leave after dawn. One day she was never seen. Days pass by without her presence. When clock ticks before dawn, she was anticipated but she never came back. Then the conversation begins.

Why do you weep
No kid to peep
Kids have exams, will be back anytime
I can hear other kids shout. She is gone.
Oh the park. May be it is opened now, that’s why kids went there. She will be back soon.
No, kids like colors and attractions. She would settle there and never come back.
I agree but we are natural. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time with nature.
I am just rubber with same hole when i was made.
Whispers to Tree: “Tell him the truth. He will come to know anyway”
To Rope: “I know when to reveal”
Why are you guys silent.
Rubber makes you flexible. You are easy to be locked. Change is temporary, she will miss you and get back soon.
I never get cleaned. I am dark and smal….
Interrupts Tire: “Enough Tire. She is gone.”
But she may come anytime
Don’t false the hopes. We have to accept the truth.
Life is a lie. I was nowhere, now i am here alone.
We have to move on. We have to move on.
Let me sleep, wake me up if someone comes to swing. They should never go away.
You never change You never change

The End

Heart as Tree
Love as Tire
Mind as Rope

Post credits

What is that sound. 😴 😴😴😴
😴😴😴I Don’t know. May be someone is passing by.
Who woke me up
shhhhh 🀫. Dont noise.
😳😍It’s her😍😳

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