The Lunar Glow and an Introvert (Poem #15)

Weeks before my eclipse, people did not care.
They looked at me with their wandering thoughts,
but not about me.
Just yesterday they sniffed and waited for my blood to be covered.
When I glow red, everyone do the same.
They take snap, freeze me in their gadgets.
Next day they forget.

But look at my introvert friend.
He looks at me before every sleep.
Wishes me a great night.
Searches for me when absent, even on days.
I hide behind the clouds and he under the shades.
He fixes me on ceilings, decorates with star buddies.
Feels my presence after I am gone.
When asked why does he search for me if I am already there in his roof.
He says “I can only freeze your image, but not the glow.”

People can never be replaced !

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2 thoughts on “The Lunar Glow and an Introvert (Poem #15)

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  1. Ohhhhh…so deep and beautiful!!
    True, some people can never be replaced…even if they go far away from us..that we could never see them…
    Thank you so much for sharing!!🧡

    Liked by 1 person

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