Half full and half empty, Pessimism reality

A glass full of water is kept in front of you.
Half of the water is poured down or sipped in, what is left?
This example occurs in most of the mindset blogs.
Optimist says it is half glass of water and pessimist says it is half empty.

It could be true but it does not potray how the pessimist mindset actually looks at situations. Pessimist does not get into a situation of having +ve and -ve mindsets in front but they choose to be -ve. I personally think that’s not the case.

When I pour out all the water and ask again, what would an optimist say? An empty glass? Unfilled glass? That’s how pessimists are. They never see positivity. Their mindset is always showing the empty part which makes them think negative but actuals can have positive which is never visible. Than just saying to be optimistic, they should be told to cultivate positivity. And people were never pessimists from the birth. They all have glasses filled but situations and environments makes them spill, end up being empty.

Imagine a person along with 5 of his close friends test Covid +ve all at the same time. They all have similar physique and habits. Assume they were tested every day after a week of isolation and they all waited for the results. Each day one guy tested -ve. On 4th day, there were no negatives. Same on 5th day. Now it creates a fear among the rest 3 of them. Same case, if on 3rd day there were no negatives and same on 4th day, it would disturb remaining 4 people. Now negativity adds to the additional 1 person. So it is not just about our thinking, it is the experience we get flavored. Also the sequence in which negative information gets transferred to us. When situations we cannot control throws us negative results, we believe it will be negative always. When situations are in our control, negativity comes differently.

After an exam, two friends who did well according to their beliefs, receive their score cards with one guy scoring less than the other. They had same situations to be experimented but the outcome is different. This is also a reason of getting into negativity. Exam is something in control but still we compare with others, creating this gap of fill.

Being optimistic is good but not all the time. It could never make us predict the negative impacts and we never get prepared. Risk analysis has negativity in mind to get rid of the worse. Having a negative way of thinking can help in erasing negativity.

Than talking about optimist and pessimist, It is always better to be rational, to analyze both +ve and -ve impacts and go with positive thoughts without ignoring the negativity.

Brain carry the positivity and hand carry the negativity.
Based on situation, decide to keep the negativity in the pocket or throw in the dustbin.

– Praveen, “empatheticalmind.com”

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