Passion + Patience = Purpose of life

Where there is patience, there will be passion and vice versa.

As a software engineer, working on new technology is a passion. Until you get an opportunity to work on that, you need to have patience. You cannot be in a hurry when things that are not in your control is having a control on you.

You have to wait for the moth turned butterfly to come and sit on the flower if you want to take an impeccable picture you have been waiting for.

When you are passionate in doing something, you will hold your patience until you see the output. My wife does some handcrafts and Mehendi designs. Until she gets them done, she stays patient and never gets interrupted. That shows her passion.

When patience combines with passion, output will return enormous satisfaction.

That will ultimately guide you to the purpose of your life. When there is no patience, subject you are working on is not YOUR THING to work. Same is with the passion. You need to have both if your life has to be purposeful.

PS: This post is actually my wife’s thought, after I asked her why does she sit in same spot for hours together. And we end up sitting in same room, with me having my laptop and she with the craft tools.

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