Monthly Site Summary

This post highlights the traffic received by the empatheticalmind blog every month. This is to maintain transparency and help in assessing the areas of traction. This data can be used by debut readers and followers to understand total posts published every month and total traffic so that they can read the most viewed or liked posts in case they have missed. This idea is similar to shareholder meetings held every quarter to highlight the revenues, but in my case it will be traffic and posts which can be used by the followers and visitors.

May 2021: Finally May month is coming to an end. It is an overwhelming month since I reached 100 followers this month. Also, views for this month went above 1000 and likes more than 500. It could be a small number but this achievement is the first in my blog history.

From this month, I thought I should give summary of the entire month so that readers will be aware of my progress and get to know about the frequency of my posts. Life is about analyzing the past and correcting the trajectory right? That is what empatheticalmind also highlights. This summary will help me to understand where the views and likes are coming from and focus on those areas more. By this summary, debut visitors can know about the traffic and help them assess if my blog is worth to be part of their follow list. So this post will remain there always, only I will append the months as they come to an end. That way, summary will be total summary than having individual post to summarize the month data.

Summary for May 2021 as per categories:

  • Motivational shorts: Posts with > 350 words had better views and likes.
  • Poetry / Free verse: Posts with emotion and humor gets liked more.
  • Sarcasm: Did not work as expected, So I will reduce the frequency and have some real sarcastic posts by putting more thoughts.
MonthMonth / Total ViewsMonth / Total Likes
May 20211659 / 4550614 / 706
MonthTotal new posts
Followers –
Start of month
Followers –
End of month
May 202151 (74-23)46 (45 + 1)134 (132 + 2)
Monthly statistics
MonthTop Viewed Posts (5)Top Liked Posts (5)Special mentions
May 2021The Image Of Labor (Poem #2)

Humans – The Rays of Hope

The Glass – Lesson to learn

Skies Do Talk (Poem #3)

Swing and The Tree (Poem #14)
Dreams – How are they related to thoughts?

Skies Do Talk (Poem #3)

What is Home Separation Anxiety and How to Overcome ?

Truth About Lies

The Image Of Labor (Poem #2)
1. Reached 100 followers.

2. First guest post on DiosRaw :
Guest Post {11} ~ Power Of Atomic Growth

3. New attempt to a poem by showing parallel conversations and emotions through emojis. Swing and The Tree (Poem #14)
Posts added on Specific Months and Sorted based on views and likes
Top viewed posts – Overall (5)Average words per posts
Psychology of waiting in Queue

One Fine Morning! (Poem #1)

Why am i not progressing in life?

Why social media apps are so much addictive?

The Two Thinking Parties in Brain
Total words = 28361
Total posts = 74
Words per post = 383.3
Est. read time per post = 2.9 min
Overall post data with focus on views and read time, to be replaced every month with latest data

For now I have this template in mind, I might upgrade in future. If a post has new flavor and creative content, it will obviously get more traction. Final note to my readers, I have been actively blogging with May 2021 being my highest. I will continue to remain active and feed my readers with meaningful and purposeful posts. Thanks for your support. Do follow my blog if you want to be part of my reading community.

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