Get Inspired, Be it from Animals or Fellow humans or Bees. Check out what I admired from an Indian Forest Service officer !

Social media is a great revolution that happened in 20’s. While it help us to get in touch with our untraced friends, it also helped to follow great people which motivates us in one way or the other. I am not an addicted user of Twitter or Facebook but I visit once or twice in a week. When I do that, I get attracted by the tweets Sudha Ramen Mam shares to the world. She is an Indian Forest Service Officer and shares videos from her known circle and get us to see what animal and plant kingdom is undergoing every day. What she is doing is amazing. She reminds me of the quote:

Be Strong. You Never Know Whom You Are Inspiring


Here is the glimpse of her recent tweets.

Elephants are good at climbing uphill – many think otherwise owing to their excessive body weight.

Most favorite part of this tweet was, adults make their positions as the lead and the end to ensure no one is left behind. What a social creatures they are !

We all share same footprints

Prints are unique to every living beings. Be it human or Tree.

Support the needy

An Amazing wonder of trees supporting each other. I have never seen such a support even in humans, to be there all the time and not scarcely.

Earth and its diversity

This picture collates bird diversity each with their own shades. Doesn’t it remind of earth and human race? What a place in this solar system we are living in, my life is getting cherished !

World Bee Day

Do you know how bees protect them from predators? They just ripple in sync. In one view it feels super satisfying but in the other view it is a warning and to confuse the predators.

Great Grandma

If plants, trees and animals can be of this much inspirational, humans can be too. This tweet made my day, just to hit the target and be casual like no one is watching. Success has to be felt internal than getting it celebrated, maybe she is tired of celebration.

All these views are purely personal based on things I have seen and followed on twitter, I have not manipulated the tweets, they are pasted here as they are. This post is just an effort in making a great summary of motivations people around are sharing to us. I initially thought social media is full of hatred and negative vibes, there exist these kind of positivity as well, which made me get back to things and focus on positivity and ignore the negativity. You can follow her on twitter and you will love nature more than before.

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