Aqua-Lady and Swift-Mom (Poem #18)

Sea births cloud.
Cloud births rain.
Rain is she,
River is her.
Makes her falls,
Dams her pain.
Relieves little by little
Re-lives river again.
As she flows,
light the glows,
form a lake,
swamp the pond,
leaves her trace,
ending the race.
Reborn as cloud,
does it again.

Common Swift,
Apus Apus.
Flies always,
Never tired.
10 months in flight,
Feeds on air.
2 months in nest,
Feeding the rest.
No time to look back,
No way to move front.
Just fly in the air,
as long as she lives.

Apus meets river, looks at her self. Realizes her pain in the wings, takes a shelter.

Where are you going?
Just fly because I am told to fly always.
Where are you going?
Just flow because I am told to flow always.
Why did you land now? I saw you were good flying.
I never looked at me till today. When I saw you, I saw my wings needed a repair.
Even I don’t look at my back. I just go where the path takes.
We are same. We are same.
Ok I have to fly and get some food.
I have to flow and meet the sea
Let’s go Let’s go

Patriarchy: This could be a past thing in many countries but in India patriarchy is still an existing disease. We see mothers spending their life in kitchen most of the time and rarely take rest. Especially in this lockdown when everyone is at home, she is exploited more than ever. Fathers should change, men and kids should change. We are carrying a wrong legacy of hierarchy in the name of social norms. Let’s Wake Up !

Bird lives it’s entire life walking – Mother


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