Tik Tok Wolf – Fiction (#1)

“What? Did I tell you to change? I never had a thing in my mind,” She continues her argument.

“Even me, I was just a normal man doing my chores. You tell me to change everything and I did. Now this last thing I say I can’t and you start this dispute,” He replies with his lilt voice.

Excuse me! Everything? I have never told you to change and I have not seen any change in you since we got together!”

“Ladies don’t accept what they speak, you are no different than a drunk when you spat. Tomorrow you will ask when did we fight. Just go and sleep, you will be better,” He ignores her response.

She rises from the couch. “You can’t be this casual, I think we should Split. It’s all over.”

He pretends unheard and murmurs. “I don’t count the splits we make every day, just another day to be silent and keep doing my Tik Tok.” He stands from the couch and heads to the dry cleaning machine.

She looks in anger at his uncaring head as he moves.

He puts his clothes in the machine. “Do you have anything to wash? Let’s run together.”

“What am I saying and what you ask? Do you really have a brain to think. Don’t you see a lady spending all her energy shouting at you?” she shouts again.

“I don’t rely on your left field acts. It is just the mouth that is spitting out the words but not your mind. Just ask your mind before you utter.”

“How can you speak tough words so pleasant?” she picks his phone that was lying on the couch and raises it high, “You cannot question my mind when your mind is already dumb with Tik Tok.”

“Don’t interfere with my hobby babe. I never poke your interest. That’s the mutual understanding we have since we met. Just think how we started our life together. Because you liked my ribbon trick in Tik Tok you befriended this hobbyist. Now you tell me to defriend Tik Tok,” He says as he dumps his clothes.

“That was not because of Tik Tok, it was through our mutual friend. I have never used that s***,” She throws the phone aiming at his hands, luckily it went to his hands this time.

“Somehow you got to know about me because of the videos. It is just a blend of fiction and non-fiction. Why did you like that movie, I don’t want to name, when it had just nonsense and illogical sequence,” He questions back finally.

She sighs in disgust, “Don’t mix up things, movies and videos are not same. You never spend time with me being normal. I never get when will you turn your front cam, I am afraid to be around. I am not the kind of person to let the world see my face doing something rubbish.”

“Ok I will tell you every time I start a video, will that be ok?”

“Not just that, you have to be with me casually. Do all your stuffs when I am busy in office works, not when I am free and you cuddle with Tik Tok.”

His mind whispers ‘I think I am already doing that’, but mouths, “Yes I will do what you say. Now throw the clothes I will run this machine.”

She was convinced by his final acknowledgement. “I don’t have any, just do yours. And don’t forget to take out once done. Hear the beep, go and collect them. I will find some movie to watch tonight. It has been long time since we had night shows, and in this lockdown we totally forget about night watching”.

“Yeah, get some horror. Lets spice up some fear and not think about Tik Tok”, He tries to add comfort.

“Now you speak from your intellect. Let me search, get back soon after you start the machine,” She lays back on the couch holding her laptop

After 15 minutes, she waits for his return but he is not seen. She calls with the nick name but it echoed back. “Babe I got a great movie to watch, c’mon.”

She gets up from the couch and goes to the dry machine, it shows 30 minutes remaining. Heading back towards the couch she finds the backyard door open. She stops and goes to the door. Opening the door and turning ON her flashlight to see at distance, she finds no one. As she hops in front, she hears a strange howl gripping the moon. She tries to hear again but this time it was louder. The howl kept approaching from the right. In fear she turns back and rushes to the door. As she runs for her life, she gets touched by nail bedded claws. In dread she screams and runs inside the house and takes shelter at the back of the couch. As she heads up slowly, she finds a laughing wolf holding a howl sounding speaker on one hand and a smartphone in another hand capturing the scene.

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