Night – Life in Lockdown (Fiction #2)

One minute to go for time to hit 02:30.

Another Friday night with his wandering thoughts keeping him busy with his finger scrolling the YouTube for no reason. Lying to the left, his eyes turn the vision bokeh and gets hit by sudden thrust of thoughts, wakes him up, and finger scrolls again. He is worried about the job he applied for. It has been a week since he was laid off and his savings can last for a week. It is his 3rd company he sent resume to and he is waiting for the response like before. This company should be his final hope for this week. As he turns to his right, he looks at his friend Vihaan using his mobile. Bachelors life is never different, and Friday night is much obvious. 

Display brightness glows Vihaan's face, with a suspense lighting his emotion. He is texting his girlfriend about the interview he had today. He left his job yesterday after internal politics within his team. His manager never gave opportunity to work by his interest, which made him to complain to the top management but went unheard. He resigned immediately and agreed to pay in return than to be in notice period. Today's interview was his 1st after his resignment and hopes to clear it. He is getting comforted by his girlfriend Aditi who encourages him with positive texts.

Aditi and Vihaan have been in relationship for 2 years now. They have never told their parents about their relationship that they always text when parents or someone is around, especially when Aditi is at home. As she sends hug emoji, Vihaan responds with heart emoji. "Thank you babe, I will get back with a positive news and we will get married soon," Vihaan adds with the emoji.

"Sure dear. You will get it just like I got my offer letter yesterday," Aditi adds more positivity. Aditi is a fresher candidate and she got her offer a day back. It was her 3rd interview and she was sure she would be selected.

As she is busy texting, she gets interrupted by her younger sister Ahana, who is in her final year of engineering. 
"Sleep Aditi, I have online class tomorrow and your screen flash is disturbing me," Ahana speaks in sleep.
Ahana never liked engineering, it was her parents who forced her to join B.E just like they did to Aditi. 

As clock ticks 03:00 they all go to sleep in their own path of dreams.

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