The Fake Mask – Fake People (Poem #20)

Boss Mask to the employees during the half yearly results meeting

Bad Covid,
People forgot us.
They think of our cousin nose mask
when someone says people wear mask.
But we do exist invariant,
To help fake people.
We should use this recovery,
To reach every human we encounter.
People used to wear us,
Every time they get on call,
When they speak to friends,
When they are out with boy/girl friends.
We had great revenue before Covid.

But many of us are unemployed now,
Humans are starting to change.
Humanity, our only competitor,
Seem to win over us.
Covid is going back,
We should use our marketing skills,
Get employed more.
Our families are starving,
We cannot die unused.
Let us get transported to place,
Where Covid guys are gone.
Ask our partners to vaccinate humans,
Faster than before.
When Covid is gone,
Humanity will be gone.
It’s time to get back to Normal.

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