Height of self control

I know a person who watch movies late after the movie gets released. May be after it is made available in OTT, He relaxes himself in watching them. He does not watch in hurry like we do, he just controls the hype we fail to control. When asked why he does that, he gave a reply which I remember ever.

“Why do people watch movies on the first day or in a week of release? People cannot control the hype the media creates and they never want to be left behind when others have already seen and start sharing the reviews. People don’t want to wait until then, they want to be one among and never want to show a dull face when someone says ‘Ho, you haven’t watched it yet’. It is all psychological, it does not matter to me. I watch when I am not busy and does not matter the date since the release. And I don’t hear from people or people don’t share to me, also I neither care nor curious to read if someone spoils the story. If you don’t open the spoiler video or read a spoiler post, you can hold your guts but your mind cannot hold that. If you cannot control this basic emotion, you can never control anything.

“We may think movies play in theaters only for few days and we should be watching them before gone. That is also a reason for people to watch them early. But COVID made most of the movies to release in OTTs. Did we wait or had them watched immediately? Remember, every movie or series consume large part of your precious period. Watch them to relax when your days are hectic or for a break after accomplishing your goal. But not because of the hype they create. You never know how many hours you spent on them. It is ok to spend but wait for your time.”

That was the first time I got such a reply from a person I had known for long time but never knew the reason of his act. It is all psychological.

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