Love Secret – Elope Chapter ! (Poem #22)

Learning a new word is always great especially when the words are poetic. I search for words to improve my vocabulary but the way I search for the word is the toughest part. How would you search for a word you never know if it exists? Search engines don’t suggest the best alternative when I have a very specific word to learn. Suddenly a magic happens that I come across some voila words out of nowhere. Just like we go for shopping during festive seasons but we never get liked by the choices we are shown. But when you do a random shopping, you vision all the fancy likeables you ever wanted. That is how the words find me. And today I was searching for “Top Beautiful words” and believed in the search results to return an actually beautiful word. And I got two mesmerizing words which made me to write a poem immediately. I am not sure if you are already aware of these words but they are new to me. Wait till the end of the poem to know about those secret words.

Love of Sea and Mud !

I was low and you were low.
I was lithe and you were rigid.
Nobody noticed you as me,
We were happy together with me over you.

Father is the sun and firm he got.
Finds us through the beach he caught.
Fury he is to make us apart.
Ferry my bod as Heatwave depart.

Tries to pull as far and far,
Love is strong and shields are sky.
Days go dry with heats of hot.
You are alone with remnants I got.

Day by day my guts grow heavy.
Drop to earth when he is busy.
As I fall I see you nowhere,
Hold my eyes and hit your grit.

Here I am coming to you,
Far from you to hear from me.
Wind shares help to be my messenger,
Letter of my arrival, Redolent Petrichor.

Now you would have guessed the words.
Redolent (Adj.): Having a pleasant smell.
Petrichor (n.) the smell of earth after rain.

This poem is about Water and Sand. They were together as Sea and Mud.
Sea is feminine and Mud is masculine, so I used the words lithe and rigid.
Since the Mud is always below the Sea, he never gets seen.
Sun is the father of Sea. One day he finds out that his daughter has been living with Mud for long time. He finds this after seeing the beach (Compared to foot prints of Mud).
He gets furious and wants them to be separated.
His anger of heat makes the Sea to disintegrate and vaporize. As Sun and Sea are family, Heatwave means Sun dragging the Sea in my context.
Father wants her daughter to come with him but her love stops her from being fully taken away. And this love is the Atmosphere spread as sky.
She cannot be pulled further but then decides to stay separated by thinking about him and leaving behind her memories. Days go dry with frustration.
Over course she cultivates gut that she decides to leave her place without telling her father. She elopes when her father is busy sleeping (i.e. night rain) but she never finds her man as she goes by. She closes her eyes and goes wherever the path takes.
Finally she finds the grit, footprints of the Mud. She shouts with love that she is coming back but she never gets heard. She then decides to send a letter about her arrival through the wind as Petrichor 🌬💨.

Thanks for your read, have a great drizzling friday night !
Hope you liked it.

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