The Labyrinth (Poem #23)

Angel’s creature, partly herself.
Incandescent, Affable, Twilight Aurora.
Calm Cascade, Frozen Ripples,
Delicate Beauty, Elixir of love.

Princess she is, Accept and Admit.
Watch for hours, compulsive eyes.
North she is, Me in South afar,
Wrong the physics, Force proportional to beauty.

Exposed my emotion, Intellectual lad,
Equal flavors agreed to blend.
Lovely days in repeat mode,
Dawn to the dusk, dusk to the dawn.

Princess marries the lad,
Crowning the lad as King and she the Queen.
Then starts the day, poles becoming same.
Tones were soft but turn into flame.

Queen mind is complex, Tough to guess.
Leaving the King mind a mess.
Pristine affair blossoms happiness,
Age your affair, live reality.

Days start with angst, She is Labyrinth,
Web of the spider, Missed word from dictionary.
She is the law maker, Law tells Candor,
Only ladies can follow, King obeying the law gets punished.

Our fights are ephemeral.
Every argument she puts forth, comes with a paradox.
King stops the wordings, Accepts the axioms.
King forgets what was said, Yes or No Yes.

Scintilla Fictions to the unknowns,
Thrilling Fictions every day to the King.
But atlast we stage adoration,
Love for Eternity Ad infinitum.

This Poem is about a boy and girl who were in love and got married. Days after marriage are never the same as before. Many would have lived as far from near lovers, but when external force puts them in the same corridor with no exits, things take their turn. New faces everyday and new arguments, life gets pushed to the limit. At the end of the day, if you think back those lovely days, you would melt in arms and cuddle the love ! That is the power of past and memories !

More about the poem:

Calm Cascade -> Free flowing fall that is calm and smooth.

Frozen Ripples -> Wrinkles in her hair that remains steady.

She is the law maker, Law tells Candor, Only ladies can follow, King obeying the law gets punished -> She always says to speak the truth and be frank. When he is really frank, he gets punished. My favorite part of relationship 😛

But atlast we stage adoration, Love for Eternity Ad infinitum -> End of the day, limit the argument to the couples than sharing it to the outer world. People around never help in couple issues, they always add fuel to the fire (That is my personal quote).

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