Signs of Good Relationship

Autocorrected text and typo error gets decrypted rightly.

Pillow gets placed as lumbar support after an hour of sedentary schedule.

Getting a cup of coffee when it is time for break.

Supporting the goals of each other by exchanging thoughts, not just with motivation but with facts and suggestions.

Bringing water when hiccups begin and tapping the head.

Free hair gets tied and locked with a pen when hair sweats the neck.

Hair streak getting pinned if it obstructs the view.

Playlist gets arranged after a busy day.

Lies are found and Replied with lies, ending with hugs and laughs.

Sitting near when she is busy exercising and counting her sets and motivating her.

Calling parents and in-laws every week.

Digital detoxing together.

Sofa sleeps and cheek rubs.

Infinite forehead kisses.

Travel to a new place when both are free from work.

Being childish during arguments, accepting it after it settles.

Conflicts resolved in minutes.

Prank less and not especially when busy or focussed.

Valuing emotions.

Meditating and bird watching together.

Sharing the responsibilities and being transparent.

Accepting the negatives and acknowledging to refine.

Caring each other irrespective of the mood.

Cordial agreement : Love, Kiss and Hug is the final cure irrespective of the difference !

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