Mind Freeeeezzzzzee

Three days ago on Tuesday I got my first COVID-19 vaccine 💉 shot after a short struggle.

In India the vaccines have been made available for 18+ since 1st May but there was a rush everywhere initially. So I thought I will take the vaccine later since I am anyway inbound to my walls. In the city where I live, there was a vaccine shortage a week ago. Then the vaccines were available and we did not know how long it would be and we had to book our slot for vaccination. Booking would open only in the morning for that particular day. If I have to go today, I have to book the slot today morning. Booking opens at 8AM and there is a limit of doses per day. So we have to be quick and book our slot as soon as the slot opens.

I was awake at 8 AM on Monday and when the booking was live, I booked my slot for 2:00 PM. If you are with me, you would have guessed my Monday plan was unsuccessful and I got vaccinated on Tuesday morning. Humans never want to wait in the queue. I was told by fellow humans to go late since there will be a big queue and I may have to wait. So I made up my mind to reach the vaccination center at 2:30 PM on Monday. When I went I saw there were few people in the queue. I tapped my back and joined the queue. One of the staff came near me and enquired if I got vaccinated. I said No and it was my first visit. He asked me to go inside and join the remaining people in there. Seemed that the queue was for people to get the Certificate after getting vaccinated. So we have to get the shot, then stand in the queue to get our certificates. But is theren’t any queue for getting the shot? It was there based on the token system but I was late and I was asked to join directly with the remaining humans. As I entered the room, I saw two more people seated and a nurse waiting for my arrival. I did not notice the staff coming with me. Staff informed the nurse there is only one person joining and we have to wait for a few more. I could not understand. I checked with the nurse and she said, one vial of Covishield can vaccinate 10 to 11 people and we were only three. Basically they don’t want to waste the dose as there is already a shortage. So we had to wait for a few more people to join. See how blessed we are. We waited for 15 to 30 mins but none came to join. Then the staff members approached us and informed us to come the next day since the time has already exceeded and we couldn’t hope for anyone. We agreed and went back to our home.

From my home to the center, it takes a 20 minute journey. It was a hot weather that day and my face was blown with hot air during my travel. That gone in vain and I had to go again the next day.

8 AM on Tuesday I booked the first slot (9 to 10 AM) and went on time. Me and the other two guys had our names registered the previous day, so we were allowed directly into the vaccination room. Finally I got my first dose of Covishield and everyone was told to wait for 15 minutes after the shot to check for side effects. After that we went and stood in queue to collect the certificates.

I returned home again in hot weather and I managed to get some sleep. Many of my friends said there would be pain for a few days and sometimes there would be fever as well. In such cases it was better to have a paracetamol tablet. When I woke up, there was no pain but I could feel the body heat. I thought it would go away but it increased steadily. By night it rose to 99 degF. I took the tablet and slept late that day. Fever was less at night but again increased the next day morning along with hand pain. The region of shot in my left hand had pain like that of the first day after gym. There were no other side effects.

I was able to let go the fever by having tablets but the pain remained. I thought Ice cubes would be the immediate remedy, so I filled the ice tray with water and left it in the freezer. After 4 hours I went and looked for but it was still a cold liquid with no trace of ice. Even after 5 to 6 hours it was not changing to cubes. Is the freezer alright? It was all great but I was not able to confirm why it was not solidifying. Then I asked my mother if the freezer was working fine. She said it was good. But I noticed my little niece on and off the kitchen. She kept on locking and unlocking the freezer to check the cubes. She would touch and see if it turned into ice and she was doing it every 30 minutes. I called her and said not to touch for some time. Nowadays kids never listen straightway, they demand an explanation. I explained the science of freezing and told her the touch would disturb the crystals and it might take more time to join again to solidify. She pretended like she understood and agreed not to touch if she was given a chocolate. I took out the same chocolate I used to give and she went playing with her sister.

Now the pain is gone but my niece taught me something that is awakening. If this is the case with water, so with our flow of mind. We agree to settle and make preparations. But then a small disturbance collapses the scene and we do it all over again. This is the design of nature. You cannot context switch when you have a sequence ongoing. We fail to plan things. We execute and then change the plan to switch over. What you had done will go void and you have to start over everything again. I have seen people meditating and complaining their life simultaneously. I would see them closing the eyes but having their mobile nearby. The notification tones, alarms, timers, they are all impulse diverters. If the meditation gets disturbed, you will never heal the pain, it is just going to prolong.

It is not enough if you fill the ice tray and land in the freezer, it is important to let it settle to freeze.
– empatheticalmind.com

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