Shadows are not black (Poem)

I Walk in the sun,
to find my shadow.
Some days in black,
Mostly in blue.

I row in the sea,
with sun in the sky.
I see my shadow,
Blue with the sea.

I run on the road,
In lassitude.
Blue of my shadow,
follows with attitude.

I jump to abate,
but end with blue.
An exiguous black,
when I float.

I pray to sun,
To glow dark.
My shadow gone far,
I am in sky.

This poem is about the sorrow and sadness engulfing the human.

Human spends his normal life with some cherishment. Life pulls him into tough situations which he can never escape. He tries to get rid of the emotion but he couldn’t. He seeks momentary happiness by floating his mind of fiction. But again he lands into the reality trap. Unable to find a way out, he prays to let free. His prayer gets answered and goes to heaven.

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