How did I reach my first 100 followers

Blogging was never a part of my life until I started to read books. I was interested in reading the technical stuffs and I was busy spending my work at the office on weekdays and sleeping on weekends. Days were casual with more procrastination and less effectiveness. One day I happened to procure a book from a library that delivered books right to our office premises. I could not recollect the reason for getting that book but it did change my life. It was a self help book and that was the awakening moment I felt. I had poor vocabulary but that book was written in naive english that engulfed me into its writings. With that, I started to write my blogs on self help topics which slowly improved to other areas. Though it took 3 months to reach my first 100 followers, I was really happy with the way the count increased. I was not a full time blogger so I had to switch between tasks. I cannot sit and write a blog to its fullest. My thoughts had to be short noted and then expanded one by one.

Gaining followers is a way to motivate ourselves in publishing our contents. It directly puts us into a satisfactory zone and pushes us to deliver more. Whether you intend to monetize your blog or not, reaching the readers is good for bloggers to keep the content flowing. Based on my observations, I have listed top approaches in reaching my first 100 followers. It can also help others in picking their approaches.

Engaging Titles

I am still learning on this important tip, but having an attractive title is a must when you are new to blogging. To your regular visitors who know your pattern of writings, your post will be read irrespective of the title. But to attract new viewers, it becomes important to have engaging titles. First thing visitors look for is the Title just life we surf other streaming services. The first book I read that changed my life was “The Miracle Morning, The not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life (Before 8 AM)”. I was attracted by the title. It made me look for the reviews and there were lots of positive changes in many of the readers. Then I started to read and acknowledged my read in the review was true. So it all started with the title.

Content driven featured image and excerpts

The second thing people look for is the images and excerpts. It may not seem to be important but I look for these things as well when I choose a post to read. Sometimes I write excerpts when the beginning of the post is not the interesting part of the post. So I include the interesting part as an excerpt. We guys start a blog without help from anyone. We can attract viewers only through strong content. Today we have a lot of information available and readers don’t want to read on boring posts and that gets judged through the post titles, images and preliminary statements. Hence it becomes important in following these basic rules.

Support fellow bloggers

You are a new blogger and you expect people to visit your blog. Same is with other bloggers as well. We are here to share content and get noticed. It becomes ethical to read other posts and affirm their creativity. Like the posts, provide positive feedback in the comments if you really like their contents. I look for an interesting part of the post and complement in the comment. Engaging with readers will help in mutual development. But this does not mean to spam the comments with the link of your blog posts or anything that feels unpleasant. Being genuine in this approach is really important.

Provide Strong contents

Some of my posts have failed in reaching the views or likes but some of my older posts are continuing to fetch me new followers even today. Those remind me to post valuable contents and if they are worthy, they can nurture with fruits as long as they exist. I have personally felt the word count plays an important role in the long term. If the count is more than 1000, it will surely have more reads and get you going faster. Some of my posts provide suggestions to concerns and those posts will be of more words. But some of the motivational shorts or poetic posts have lesser word counts but I keep them short to not drag more. Maybe I will have to improve that from now on.

Edit Captions of the image

I don’t know much about SEO tools but I know it is something important to get ranked in search engines. As a new blogger I was not able to understand its terms, same can be for others as well. One thing I could do was to update the captions of the images in my blog. I insert images from pexels or other open sites but I update the captions to match the image it represents. I ensure the image and post match the context. That way I ensure Alt Text, Description and Title of the image cannot be some junk but to match the content of the post. This has helped in getting traffic from search engines which I can acknowledge in the Google Search Console results I get to see every week. I have to focus more on SEO tools but as a beginner, updating the captions and alt text really helps.

Frequency of publishments

Posting contents frequently can help the initial bloggers in increasing the views. Try to post in different contexts everyday so that it reaches a different audience every time. Sometimes I post three or more posts in a day but on different topics. If you have lots to share, you can post them as you complete. But I am not a full time blogger, so I tend to keep a post or two per day. But I ensure I deliver consistently and not lag between the date of posts.

Time of publishment

I am from India and I get visitors from all over the globe. One rule I follow for my blog is to post in the evening. I always post my contents at 5 PM IST or at 11 PM. It could depend on the bloggers but this strategy worked for me in getting more likes and views than publishing at other times. Have your time studied and publish accordingly. Weekends are the most active zone for bloggers. Have your contents published more on weekends and anytime on weekends can give you a lot in return.


Adding tags for the post can act as supplements in helping your blog to reach the readers. These tags should be specific to the context of your post. Tags should be relatable and straightforward. A post about motivation can have “Motivation”, “Life Quotes”, “Inspiration” as some of the tags. Readers on finding your post mapped to a tag should feel the tags align the content. Tags cannot be just to attract the readers, then they move on to next posts. Just like titles, excerpts and captions, Tags help in listing your posts in search results of the “Reader”.

Guest posts

One fortunate thing happened to me was to guest post in another site. I got an opportunity to post in diosraw0 and that helped in getting visits to my blog. Today we get to see lots of sites open for submissions. If you find one, do publish your contents in their sites and you will be noticed. Whichever forum you see an opportunity, have it played.

Don’t believe in friends / family

One common concern I see today is, people share their posts to their family and friends and start booming in the beginning. They get false hopes on reaching the views and likes. You get booming email subscribers and you feel great. But that lasts only for a few days. You will know once you post frequently and the real readers show up. Your views and likes start to reduce. That is purely normal since people support your new initiatives to not discourage you but then they either get bored or move on to encourage the new debuters. Remember, it is your contents that stand for your reach and not the startup triggers.

Don’t lose hope

Last but not the least, don’t get sick by the initial status and insights. It is the design of nature to start poor. You would need to wait for things to happen your way. You could not reach 100 followers overnight. Keep posting and keep your followers engaged. It can so happen that your existing followers might unfollow. You have to expect either way. But keep pushing off your limits and you will reach the destination soon.

I hope this post helps in throwing light in some areas, have a great day ahead and keep blogging !

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