Serenade in the Tornado (Poem #26)

This Poem ๐Ÿ“œ is about a husband trying to soothe her wife after an argument. Arguments can easily find their way in a loving couple. After a day’s toil at work, hidden from her husband, she tries to converse as usual. Dinner time it is and they have their sandwich ๐Ÿฅช. Husband looks at his mobile ๐Ÿ“ฑ, inert to wife’s cry about her day at work. She explains her day but he nods for every pause in the sentence. She exclaims about her pliant manager getting influenced by the same native colleague and asks for suggestions. Nod is again the reply with a new “Ok” piggybacked.

Looking at his useless replies, she shouts in anger ๐Ÿ˜  and plucks his mobile. She asks him to repeat her last sentence but he looks at her in turmoil ๐Ÿ˜• with the meme he was looking at last still making him laugh in his mind.

“Baby you were talking about your manager trying to influence you or someone from same the native……” He tries to guess the words.

“You dump your head in this filthy mobile all the time and you never spend valuable time with me. I am crying my throat and you nod like a puppet. Am I here for the nods?”

“Sorry dear I did not know you were upset”

“What do you know? Just to eat and sleep and not listen to humans? Do you behave the same at the office? Your ears are deaf only when I speak.”

“What’s the big deal now, you tell me I will listen.”

“Conversations are not songs to remember and repeat as soon as you ask to speak. You have to be in the conversation and listen.”

“Sorry again babe, should we stop this argument and listen to your toil?”

And the serenade begins๐ŸŽถ .

Awesome you are, Charming the ocean.
Nature nominee, Representing Queen Land.

What I hear was just a word
Toned low, fault of my ears.

Lovely couple we are with arguments alive
Slip of our tongue should add friction.

Closed arms, covering your chest.
Stand narrow, lopsided legs.

You are my tornado, In White Gown.
More harm you pretend, More charm you are.

Bring your anger, shower as rain.
I am the boulder, covering with my shoulder.

Pass through the volcano, Hurling the heat.
I stand below, Staring at the fog.

You look at rose, Think of the thorn.
I look at you, Kiss on the petals.

Your spell of words, fibers of the lace
I play my serenade, embracing aglet.

Forget the mood and sleep my moon,
Dream my messenger, abate her benny.

Thank you for reading. Check out my other poetic works and gift your views.

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