A Rose and Human Traits

A Rose Vase specimen is kept on a table in an empty room and different people are called in to describe the specimen. Their responses will be recorded which will be made public and live streamed.

Aggressive Human - "Why the hell am I put in an empty room !"

Boastful Human - "Petals isn't as vibrant as my lipstick"

Caustic Human - "Rose, You *uck"

Cowardly Human - ""

Finicky- "The vase should have been taller or the stem of the rose should be cut to make the petals sit right on the vase"

Ignorant - ""

Pessimist - "Vase is close to the edge, it can fall anytime"

Quixotic - "Vase should have a sphere base filled with mud to make it oscillate like Thanjavur doll. It cannot be flat and steady"

Immature - "Why the roses are rose in colour"

Sarcastic - "If Rose had a life, It will jump from the table and die than to be inside this ugly vase"

Pompous - "Rose reminds me of the last meet we had before we parted away. I was waiting with a Rose and Ring to propose but she brought her boyfriend with whom she was living in"

Vulgar - "Vase is exactly like one side of the actress *ss"

These comments we see or hear is becoming normal, isn’t it? People using Social Media know that their comments are public but still they make their statements openly abusive. If a natural rose can get such negative comments, think of a multi-faceted humans. If we are ready to share our identity, there will be many hurls of hatreds than positivity. Trolls don’t have an encouraging trait. They just think about some different dimension to be commented and add to the social media junks. It is the fallacy of technology and these trolls believe to be the forerunners. What you intend to convey gets trolled and rolled in a different pathway. Choose your mindset before you share anything personal in the social media. If things goes well, good. But unruly commenters are spread everywhere and can shower the rain at anytime with thunders and storms. If you are with your protective cover and ignorant, its your ground to play ignoring the spectators. Be strong, trolls are for the trolls themselves to read and laugh, not for the Optimistic Human hoping to spead positivity. Cheers, let you be your master of control !

Thanks for your read, have a cheerful day !

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