Life was hard. Your decision made it harder.

Life can be described as a straight line with X axis your time and Y axis your emotional level. Life starts at the origin for everyone and it is the same (0,0). It initially starts as a straight line with just one dependent variable, that is of your parents, and some constant factor which remains positive as a kid. Over time, you keep adding a new dependant variable that makes your life quadratic and non-linear.  If you are going to stay above the positive Y axis, you are good and progressive. If you find a negative slope, you are going to cross the Zero at some point and get into the negative quadrant and start feeling low. If you keep adding the variables, curves are gonna be chaotic and unpredictable. If you dont know about the equation of life, you will never know where there is a high and where there will be a low. You will be blaming your luck and fate for every happening. You may have to wait for life to show your future. But it is your dependant variable that is controlling your future. With many dependancies and desires, you are making your life complex. If you are skilled at understanding cubic equations, well you can have the top 3 dependencies at a time. If you are amateur, your safest zone is to be in the straight line form. Many commit mistakes by having a desire on everything they find in others and they keep adding the unwanted dependency in life. But their level of handling things could be with quadratic. Know your capacity and adjust the variables. Once you know your equation of life, you know everything where you are heading. Life is to adjust the desires and live the equation.

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