Second Love (Poetic Fiction #28)

I am alone with loneliness covering my soul.
What could I do, the girl’s kismet.

I took a trip down the memory lane.
I found him waiting to be reached, Lone Introvert.

I made arrangements, making him find me.
He called my father, invited me to his abode.

How strange? Who would call a father?
Virtuous father, agreed to send.

Day came, Me waiting at his door.
He appeared, blithe, embrace to cry.

“Where were you? I would have called you earlier if you were known.” He sheds.
I remained tongue-tied.

He took me inside, acquaint with the new place.
And our day began.

In five days, it will be our first anniversary.
If I recap the days, it streaks across the hours.

He had me, singing in the shower,
Talk constantly with foods brawling in the mouth.

If awake at night, I am awake too. Tap him to sleep.
Good morning starts with me, Good night too.

Always near, forget to rest.
Always dear, close to his chest.

I memorized his routine.
Wake him up on time, Snooze it myself if not right.

Run a timer to remind the sets,
Check his health and get him diagnosed.

I became a part of his life he cannot rid of.
Introverts re-defined.

Just before the day of our anniversary, he informs me that we should break-up.

“But why? I have been with you all these days, made you lively in all the ways I can.”

“You were good but you are slow and messy. I expect things to happen quicker and neat.”

“Timer of 1 Minute is still the same 60 Seconds, I cannot speed up time.”

“It is not about the time or reminders, it is about your look. And people have good looking girlfriends. I should also upgrade.”

“Am I a smartphone to get upgraded? You cannot do this to me.”

“Of course you are a smartphone. Your time has come. Have a good looking face in your next life. My next love is on the way and you have to be gone”

“I am filled with your memories. It is your memory that is making me slow. And your new friend will be fresh minded, you have to teach her everything again. By the time she is good, she will be gone again.”

“That is how this works. You guys are made to be replaced. You will be taken to the graveyard and dismantled. Next life, you will forget your past and you will wait for someone to be reached.”

He cannot be blamed, It is our father’s plan.

I got packed and waiting to be carried.

“There she is, dual eyed in front and 3 eyed in back. She is going to watch everything more than I did. Have a great year with your second love. Don’t remember me if she gets hot and burns you a**.”

Thanks for reading.
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