There comes the Prince (Poem #29) !

I was waiting to hold, with effulgent smile 😀 !
Unable to hear, knell of messenger.

Nescient father, how should I carry.

Here he comes, Prince of hearts 👶 !

Irresistible Pulchritude of his limbs,

Rubescent cheeks and palm, with my face turning rutilant ☺️ !

Sea-girt pupil, I hold my tears ! Slumber my boy ! We will conquer together !

Zephyr 🌬️, take care and make him sleep !

Queen on the bed, courageous puissant nymph 🤱.

Access of emotions, shared virtually. Eyes part their moonlight tryst.

We have our Prince, Parenthood is born, More power to you.

Welcome abode🏠, love ❤️ and love ❤️ !

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