Another One-Sided Story (Fiction)

Incident 1:

Wife is on a call with her school friend. It has been more than a year since they spoke. It is already 30 minutes now and they are still speaking about childhood memories.

Husband calls his wife to know if he should bring food from their favorite restaurant for dinner. Night lockdown will begin at 9 PM and it is already 8:30 PM.

He makes his first attempt, call goes into waiting. Disconnects the call.

2 minutes later, his second attempt goes into waiting as well and he disconnects immediately.

Wife finds the incoming attempts and disconnects her call to ring her husband.

Now her call goes into waiting. She waits for sometime but the connect was unsuccessful.

“Should I wait or ring him again?” Her mind puzzles.

As she is making her next attempt, she gets the call from him.

“With whom were you talking so long?” Husband starts without waiting for the Hello acknowledgement.

“My school friend. I was about to attend your call but you disconnected” She justifies.

“I don’t know what you guys talk the whole time. Forget it, I am waiting at the restaurant. Should I bring the meals we usually have?” He ignores her response.

“Yes get me one. But when I called you back you were engaged. Whom were you talking to?”

He disconnects the call.

Incident 2:

Wife: By what time will you reach home?

Husband: I will reach at 9PM babe.

Wife: Ok, I will make dinner arrangements by then. I am hungry, come soon we will have together.

Husband: You don’t wait for me darl, you have your dinner if hungry.

Wife: No No, I don’t want to have it alone. You come.

Husband: Ok then.




At 9PM, Wife calls husband, it goes unattended. She tries again every 10 to 15 minutes.

At 10PM, Husband rings the door bell.

Wife opens the door: Do you ever keep your word anytime?

Husband: So much traffic honey, I started at 8:30 itself.

Wife: 5 kms 90mins travel is unbelievable. If you say a word obey it. Or inform me 1hr in advance.

Husband: That’s why I told you to dine but wanted to wait. Come lets have food you should be hungry.




Next day



Wife: You have told me you will come at 9PM. So you should start at 6:30.

Husband nods his head.

At 9PM husband shares his live location in WhatsApp. It shows he is still at office. “I will reach at 10PM darl.”

Wife goes to sleep !

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