Noisy Mind (Haiku #4)

Noisy River StreamSlows down near the BendOnce had Straight Past. If the mind flow is smooth, path will be straight without turn arounds.Random noisy mind spoils the route.

Life of Cage

Cage made of hardest metal cannot hold the parrot if the door is open.Cage made of lightest metal cannot hold the parrot even if the door is closed.We are talking about freedom. Waiting for the gate to open or break open the door depends on the level of patience.

Love in Vacuum (Poem #30)

Love takes off with two lovernauts.Decide 2 tie marriage knots.More Thrust N escape Earth-Sphere.Love steer pushes Atmosphere.Stages of life stop and break, Time for them 2 live alone.Alike others, flight dawns.Reality shows, tough to live.Love is gone, Vacuum brims.Empty space, Dark Fills.2 Repel away, implacable force.Many Lovernauts, afloat alone.Space the new habitat, Absence of love.No... Continue Reading →

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