Love in Vacuum (Poem #30)

Love takes off with two lovernauts.
Decide 2 tie marriage knots.

More Thrust N escape Earth-Sphere.
Love steer pushes Atmosphere.

Stages of life stop and break,
Time for them 2 live alone.

Alike others, flight dawns.
Reality shows, tough to live.

Love is gone, Vacuum brims.
Empty space, Dark Fills.

2 Repel away, implacable force.
Many Lovernauts, afloat alone.

Space the new habitat, Absence of love.
No return to earth, Wait for the savior.

There comes Romeo, pulls all men.
Juliet with her lariat, pulls all women.

Earth Messengers, rope the lovernauts.
Pull to earth, fall the ground.

What was love was not love.
Gravity the truth, holding them together.

Newton was wrong, good he is dead.
Gravity is independent, near or far.

It is common for people to fall in love. Reality is tested when they spend time together, handling of pressure and progress hand in hand. When they can live happily with their present, they aim to fly high, forgetting their present. As life puts them into tough situations, immatures repel away. Overtime, if people realize the present and accept the reality, they fall back into their zones of gravity, irrespective of their distance of separation.

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