Bounce Back (Haiku #7)

Dr.Father teaching his son about life:

Each cell of human body has its own lifespan. During this tenure, they do what they are supposed to do and die eventually. Death can be natural (apoptosis) or compelling (necrosis) due to pain or injury. Whatever be the case, our body is designed to resile and replace dead cells with new cells. Biologically it defines our body is functioning normal with growth and progress. Body cannot mourn dead cells, it has lot other things to do.

Wow, I felt motivated on hearing their conversation. So I made this post with my version of saying.

Humans Akin Cell
Groan Hassle Beleaguer Life
Resilence Accrete

Resilence is important during tough times.
Pains and Problems don’t define the strength, Resilence does.

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