Exit (Poem #31)

Last day of vacation.
Last hour of sunday.
Last moment of hope.
Last leap in sprint.
Last jump in the pool.
Last surf in the sea.
Last drench in rain.
Last bath in sun.
Last pulp of juice.
Last gulp of wine.
Last kiss before depart.
First miss after depart.
Last breathe of air,
Last move of gut.
Last wag of tail,
Last closure of eyes.
Last beat of heart.
Last sight of face.
Life is tough and heart feels heavy.
Only Choice is to Rejoice
And Remember as Memories…

Life is bad when eyes see sufferings and deaths. Today at 10:00 AM IST, my in-law’s pet dog ‘Dora’ gasped her last breath. This poem is in memory of her. My wife used to tell me about dogs in general.

Dogs are party animals. Anytime you jump in joy, they join for no reason. We shake our body and them the tail. You forget everything when they are around. After a turmoil at office, you enter home and you will find a person waiting to shower the love. Why to meditate when they are around.

Dora was just three and a half. Past one month has been suffering with intestine blockage which she went through without letting us know her sufferings. She was unwell for more than a week and we diagnosed with usual treatments with vet. After two weeks of immunity to the treatments, we had to shift to multiple hospitals. Sadly, the urban we live did not have experts to treat effectively. Finally we took X-Ray and Scan to find a piece of her Duck soft toy stuck in the stomach. It had been there for more than 3 weeks that the infection had spread to the larger part of stomach and intestine. Everyone were left in despair including doctors. We brought her back home and just showered the love in return she has been showing us these days. Prayers and Hopes made her live for 2 more days. Today morning she had her last wuff on my MIL’s lap and they saw her gasping her last breath.

It is the most cruel thing that can happen to any living creature, Being told about the health and counting the last few days of being alive. We all know life ends one day but 3.5 Yrs is too early to be gone. Whom to blame, Vets who failed to scan at the first or the lack of expertise and facilities or person who invented soft toys or Us not monitoring her activities. Finally, This too shall pass, let her soul rest in peace !

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