Knowledge and Wisdom

Person with broad knowledge but lack of wisdom is like a tree with wide spread branches but weak roots. You don’t need a hurricane or cyclone, strong wind is easy enough to uproot your ground.

Quote from EmpatheticalMind

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Inner Faults (Quote from EMind)

Person with a messy leg wanders on the lawn barefooted.Entering the immaculate house, roaming around with naked foot, he complains about the house full of dirt. Sometimes, illusions of bad are reflection of self.

Bad is Good (Motivational Quotes from

Scars mark the victory than the position.Failures make robust structures.Bad and Tough questions make the Good answers.Flow of negative charge makes electricity, which can light up the dark.It is important to channelise the negatives to have a positive

Life quote from a photographer

You can change the lens, But not the subject under your vision.Once you have decided the subject and made your mind, you have to explore ways to make the subject look appealing to your vision. If you keep switching the subject, either you are an observer or a

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