Math Flirt

I was lying flat on the number line at origin.
You were busy in Plus Two.
As I rolled over the lawn, I met the negative shades of me.
I never wanted to roll further, by then I had reached Minus Two.
I prayed to god to remove the negatives.
When moving into negative was easy like integer hops,
Retracing to origin was tough and REAL.
Rational and Irrational mental health prohibited to move positive.
Infinite hops was impossible, I waited in -2 for miracle to happen.

God came as Mod to change Mood.

Now we are together.

These lines are about a boy, feeling low in his life, meets a girl in her +2 (High school). He used to spend his life lone and depressed. Day by day he moves further into negative thinking that he could not get out of it easily. One day, As Eckhart Tolle felt in Power of Now, a miracle happens. He gets to meet the girl with full of positivity. That meet makes him forget the negatives he was going through. As long as the Mod is there, they are going to be together. Here Mod can be compared to Love (Gods blessing), which made him meet the girl and they went on to live together.

I used the term Mod (Modulus) operation here because Mod operation does not change the number itself but the output of Mod is always positive. The negativity still lies inside but the presence of the girl makes him forget.

I think the featured image justifies this: The common ladder connecting two different people opposite to each other. Now you know what the ladder metaphors to !

Thanks for the patience ! I know its too mathematical 🙂

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